16 Nov. 2021
Roles: Art Direction, Prop Styling, Photography, Retouching
Creative Direction: Awoo Pets
Last month, I did a shoot for Awoo Pets and their new range of felt dog toys. Awoo Pets is a small American company producing ethical and sustainable, high-quality pet essentials for our four-legged furry friends.
Francine and Mallory, the company founders, requested a total of 10 images for use across their social media pages and website. Francine forwarded me a moodboard emphasising some of the props they were very keen on having for their pictures. 
Styling blocks and props can normally be purchased from any online prop stores to suit a shoot. However, they tend to be on the smaller side and reserved for products such as jewellery, cosmetics, etc., so I made my own, larger door, arch and curvy steps props out of a sheet of plywood to accommodate the toys. I then painted them a soft pink and oatmeal colours to match my client's taste and their website branding. I paired them with a few other blocks which I already had in my studio, re-painting those first in white, then in other colours such as a pale lime green to try several combinations out.

I love it when a client has a very god idea of what they're after but I still get to be super creative and do some of the styling and set design! Photography is as much about preparation as it is about execution and I'm always in my element preparing for a new project...
Some of the images selected by Awoo pets are currently featured on their website's landing page (notice the picture variation between desktop and mobile access!) while others recently made it to their Instagram page. 
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